We value integrity, hard work, commitment and innovation as a company and in our people.We recruit exceptional and unconventional minds, who are empowered to take the initiative and be innovative. We work hard to attract, retain and develop the very best by developing employee skills and fostering a healthy work environment. We recognize and appreciate individual uniqueness and the value of a diverse and collaborative workforce.


Catalyst Electric competes in a developing and technologically advanced engineering sector. Fresh, innovative ideas and from bright, innovative people is key to our success and we want our interns and trainees to thrive in this challenging environment. As part of our policy to develop talented minds, interns and trainees will be accepted based on the availability of vacancies.


Thank you for your interest in working for Catalyst Electric.

Unfortunately, there are currently no job vacancies or job openings available.

Send an email to and we will get back to you with any new openings.