Automatic Changeover Switch

Model:           K40-C2

Capacity:       10,000W | 12.5KVA

Electrical transfer switch that switches the load between two sources Range

Takes minimal switch over time from main supply so that sensitive electronic products do not get disconnected during the switch over.

On resumption of main Supply, the connected load is automatically shifted on mains.

It has Automatic engine switch off system for generators when main supply is resumed.


Rugged construction

Excellent operating mechanism

Resistant to high workload stress

Automatic engine switch off system

Microcontroller based circuit design for better, faster and safer response.

Complete isolation of neutral provides added safety.

LEDs indication provides the operating status.

2sec. buzzer to indicate the presence of mains

PCB based circuit consumes very low amount of power.

Operating Voltage 160 VAC to 260 VAC
Frequency 50Hz
Phase Single
Capacity 10,000W ~ 12.5KVA MAX.
Capacity (Long Life) Up to 80-90% Load
Delay Time 20ms seconds
Indicators Mains (Red), DG (Green)
Temp. -45oC to +55oC
Weight (Kg.) 2.2 Kg
Dimension (in mm) 285 X 180 X 70